Relevant Experience

Technology Leadership

  • Foundry – Defined pure-play foundry's entire analog/power technology roadmap and worked closely with technologists to execute the 0.18um technology platform consisting of 5 analog CMOS and BCD processes. As a result, in three years the company, which had been previously unknown, became the benchmark analog/power foundry. In addition, I completely upgraded their process development methodology to enable faster time-to-market, implemented a spec-tightening activity to improve customer design competitiveness, and spear-headed a cross-functional program to secure automotive business.
  • Problem Solving – Led the effort to resolve a GOI problem in a fab. Rolled up my sleeves, working around the clock with engineers on root cause, while working with customers on the technical/reliability details and on delivery schedules.
  • IDM – Was responsible for all analog/mixed-signal/power technology development and production ramps, with activities in the US, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, and China. Interacted with business unit managers to identify next-generation technologies and optimize product development through technology enhancements. Directed multiple teams addressing all aspects of technology development, including definition, competitive assessment, resource planning, scheduling and budgeting, component and unit process development, reliability characterization, product qualification, production ramp, and transfer to multiple wafer fabs. Oversaw multiple projects (10+ per year), ranging from 6 to 32 months duration, for multiple customers, aimed at high-volume and low-cost, or at high-performance.

Business Management

  • Foundry Management - Reporting directly to the CEO, created and led Analog Foundry Business Unit, an organization of 200 engineers responsible for technology development, PDKs, SPICE modeling, ESD development, EDA tools, IP development, Ecosystem, and Sales & Marketing across global sites. Grew revenue by a factor of 4 in three years, achieved positive PFO in the 3rd year, and put design wins in place to potentially grow revenue a further factor of 3 by 2015. 
  • IDM Management – Reporting directly to multiple Sr. VPs, managed mixed-signal and power technology development and design enablement organizations, which involved a budget of $70M, a headcount of 170, plus the coordination of teams at multiple domestic and international sites. 
  • Strategic Planning – IDM: Was a leadership team member in Silicon Technology Development (SiTD), Technology Manufacturing Group (TMG), and High-Performance Analog (HPA) organizations. Foundry: Was a key member of the leadership team. 

Business Development

  • Branding – Worked to create a brand as the 'most respected analog foundry in the industry' by upgrading the company's website, promoting their capabilities through a series of interviews with key engineering journals and newspapers, and increasing the number of technical articles written for key power semiconductor conferences. Created a comprehensive 'ecosystem' of third party suppliers for packaging, test, design services, power metal, electrical debug, and differentiated IP blocks, enabling customers to do 'one-stop shopping'. As a result the foundry has become a well-known and well-respected name to IDM and fabless analog/power customers.
  • Customers – Maintained an extensive set of customer visits, aimed at increasing the company's brand recognition, initially based on my own reputation, and later based on the leadership technology we put in place. This, together with other branding efforts, led to significant new business opportunities and increased customer confidence in a small foundry. Shortly after joining the company, I resolved a major breakdown in its relationship with a key customer/licensee, successfully negotiating a stalled Foundry Service Agreement and a new pricing structure. The relationship is now on good terms, which has yielded many benefits for the company.
  • Global – Launched marketing efforts in Japan, Europe, India, and China, where there had been little effort previously. Established first-time sales/support offices in Japan, Europe, Central and Eastern US, which have now created pipelines of new customers and products that will fuel future growth.
  • Pricing – Created a simplified pricing strategy, enabling quicker and more consistent quotations to customers with clearer understanding of GPM implications.

Staff Development

  • Mentoring – Recruited and hired senior management and technical veterans to shore up problem areas and mentor young logic-oriented engineers in analog methods. These covered almost every facet of the company – PDK, SPICE modeling, ESD, wafer fab management, wafer fab planning, device reliability, power metallization, and design rule generation activities. Coached my executive assistant to establish an analog engineering lecture series with internal and guest lecturers.
  • Global – Was a major catalyst for the 'globalization' of a previously Asian-only company, by encouraging the company to hire from a global talent pool for corporate-based positions and bringing worldwide talent (from regional sales/support sites) to the country for the sharing of best practices, and vice versa.
  • Communication – Established multiple programs, including Lessons Learned Lunches and Cross-Cut Teams, to foster the dissemination of best-practice information across the different engineering parts of the organization, and to identify new 'virtual' leaders. At the management level, established twice/year strategy sessions, which brought together all regions to share in business unit directions, technology roadmaps, marketing strategies, new pricing strategies, etc. Established quarterly division meetings, and a series of small-group round tables, to communicate financial and technical progress to rank-and-file employees.